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The team

We introduce ourselves
At your side

Hospitality has been a hot topic for us since 1998

Yes, hospitality is close to our hearts and - as our name suggests - we work as a team to offer tourism operators all-round consultancy and training, as well as workshops and events, economic feasibility studies, territorial marketing research, and operational manuals.

We come from afar

Teamwork in 25 years of activity has given over 3000 customersthe opportunity to perform their role to the best of their ability, with more results and satisfaction.

Different skills

We are a heterogeneous team made up of professionals with different skills who work together to make your business run smoothly.

Hospitality and us

Hospitality is our world and we are familiar with the daily challenges of the industry, so the best choice you can make is to entrust your project to us.


Our Vision
and our Values

  • QualityWe support the development and competitiveness of the tourism sector through quality consulting and training services
  • InnovationWe promote innovation, sustainability and social responsibility in tourism
  • Customer satisfactionWe listen to our customers' needs and preferences and support them at every stage of their journey.
  • CollaborationWe want to create relationships of trust, transparency and collaboration with our customers

Our expertise

Marketing - Management Consulting100%
Operational training90%
Workshops and Events85%
Research and marketing80%
Publications on the theme of hospitality75%

We are a company specialising in services for the world of tourism. We offer customised and innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their growth and competitiveness goals. Our experience is based on a profound knowledge markets, trends and best practices in the sector. 

At your service

A team of professionals

Our team consists of qualified professionals e enthusiastswho bring their skills and creativity to every project. We like working togethervaluing differences in age, tastes and experiences that enrich us and stimulate us to improve. We are a well-rounded team, ready to challenge expectations and offer innovative solutions.

Mauro Santinato

Founder & CEO

Andrea D'Angelo

Partner, consultant and trainer

Maria Antonietta Pelliccioni

Partner, consultant and trainer

Cecilia Cianfanelli

Partner, consultant and trainer

Piero Marini


Nicola Delvecchio

Consultant and trainer

Antonio Miano

Consultant and trainer

Martina Manescalchi

Consultant and trainer | Editor-in-chief of we:ll magazine

Sebastiano Tramontano

Consultant and trainer | F&B area

Edoardo Cognonato

Consultant and trainer | Communication and personal leadership

Fabrizio La Volpe

Consultant and trainer | Revenue area

Andrea Agazzani

Consultant and trainer

Federica Paone

Training manager

Carla Mussoni

Social Media Manager

Diana Rhodes

Events manager

Elisa Cimatti

Social Media Manager

Anna Salvatori

Graphics manager

Luigi Dalprato

IT Manager, R&D